About Me



Hello world!

My name is Haru. I am from Tokyo, Japan, and now live in Kuala Lumpur(KL), Malaysia. I am a writer, photographer, eater, good-music and coffee lover, southern island freak and professional good-time haver. I am a very intelligent and creative person, but also lazy and often mind-changing, so please do not expect this blog to be updated consistently. Thank you.

I am just starting this blog to make my world a little larger.

I have been writing my own blog in my native language, Japanese, since I was a teenager. In this world, however, the population of those who read Japanese is almost the same as the population of Japan. It is just about 130 million people. And I know there are a lot more people speaking and reading English (Chinese as well) in the world. So it just came to my mind,

“Hey, why don’t write your blog in English? If you did, a lot more people could read your writing and see your works.”

So simple, right? Of course, I do not write in English as well as in Japanese, but I think it is OK. I used to live in the U.S. when I was 14-15 years old and studied English quite hard. I went to the language school and lived in the dormitory where students should have worked on their homework until almost midnight everyday. I studied in classes during the day, of course, and I studied again at night! It was a tough experience for me, I think, but it helped me a lot to improve my communication skills in English. If I have not studied there, I might have not started this blog.

I am now in Malaysia, where almost everyone speaks English with an unique accent. It is called “Manglish”. I don’t know why but people say “lah” in the end of words, like “OK-lah” or “Thank you-lah”. I guess it is like “well” or “you know” or something like that. It sounded a little cute to me in the beginning, but recently I got used to it and even sometimes say “OK-lah” and “Thank you-lah” by myself. I also got used to say “Terima kasih”(Thank you in Malay) and “Sama sama”(You are welcome) as well as “你好” and “謝謝”.

Anyway, I am starting this blog as a part of my globalization project. Not only companies but also individuals should be globalized in this 21st century. And I am sure that it makes your life much more enjoyable and exciting.

If you have a question or anything, please feel free to contact me by halvish86@gmail.com.

Thank you!


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