Ipoh Day 1: Mural Arts and Local food and…


Ipoh was one of the cities my friends strongly recommended me to visit in Malaysia.

So I did when I took KTM Express from KL Sentral with my small backpack. It took about 2.5 hours to Ipoh and inside the train was REALLY cold. It is often the case in Malaysia, but the air conditioner was crazy strong. Everyone in the train was wearing jackets or hoodies. I was just freezing and listening to the music. I felt like it was 10 hours in the train…


I stayed at a brand new hostel in old town, and it was really nice. The staffs were so helpful and they told me where to go and eat in the city with a map. I did not go to the internet or Google, and just followed the voice of the locals. I think that is the most trustworthy info you can get when you travel. Going to the internet just makes you a little confused! Listen to somebody you can trust, and I think that will be enough.



The guy at the hostel recommended me this restaurant and it was really nice.  It was so popular and crowded so I shared the table with one couple. They are also from KL and the guy told me that he is working in Australia. I find so far that lot of Malaysians go and study or work in Australia. Since a lot of Malaysian people speak English fluently, they can adjust to countries like Australia easily I think, Though, of course, there are cultural differences and you always have to work to adjust yourself in a new environment. Like I have been doing here in Malaysia (Well, actually I am not doing anything special I think).


Street arts and local food are nice, but taking pictures in town has been something that I am really enjoying when travelling. I keep travelling, and I take pictures. Though I am not a traveller. But anyway, whatever you call me, I do what I want to. Always!

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