Ipoh Day 2: Work, donate and walk!


On the second day of my trip to Ipoh, I was working.

Actually, now I am working as a freelancer and do not have to stay at a particular place or an office. All I need to do my job is my laptop and the Internet, so that means I can do my job almost everywhere in the world. That is how you can work in 21st century, right? Fortunately, I have some clients in Japan and do some work for them. It is also nice that there is only 1 hour time difference between Malaysia and Japan.



I was drinking a tea at a cafe and this lady came to me and asked for donation. She told me that she wanted to buy books for children. Really? OK, let me ask you about a book you want to buy and education you are willing to offer. She explained. OK, I understand. And one more question. Can I take a picture of you. “Sure” she said. The deal was done.  This is often how I enjoy donation these days.


As you see, drawing on the wall vary from Chinese children or monkeys to Nelson Mandela. If I try to define Malaysia by one word, it will be “diversity”. Well, it is quite a poplar word, but in fact you can find various forms of diversity in this country. That is what I love about Malaysia the most, I think. Various people are living various lives here. And in the world. I am honored to be a part of such diversity in this world today. Thank you.

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