Singapore, Batam&Johor, Aug. 2018


Do you know which two cities have international flights the most frequently operated per day in the world?

It is between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Yes, those two cities are so close that the flight takes only one hour. You can also cross the border by walk or car from or to Malaysia and Singapore. And last week, I did both flying to Singapore and walking to Malaysia.


Here is a 80’s Japanese-style cafe bar which my friends opened at Orchard. I took my Malaysian friend and spent some time together.


Now, let’s go to the most interesting place in Singapore, Haw Par Villa!


I could not put some pictures because they are too… well, just not appropriate for this blog I think.

Now, let’s take ferry to Batam, an Indonesian Island which is very close to Singapore.


Yes, they are dancing Gangnam Style.


I could see fireworks in Singapore! It is so nice to see fireworks in another country. You can not experience it so often. And now, we go back to Singapore and cross the border to Malaysia.



After you exit the checkpoint in Singapore, you walk the bridge to Johor Bharu. It reminded me of crossing the border from the U.S.A to Mexico when I was 20 years old. I went from San Diego in California to Tijuana in Mexico just for a day. It was so easy to go into Mexico, but took much more time to go back to the U.S. These days, borders between countries have been a very sensitive issue all over the world. Thus, I just wanted to see how it is like to go from Singapore to Malaysia by walk.


Now I am back in KL and feel at home. One good thing about travelling is, well, that you can go home. I can not describe the feeling you can have when you finished your journey and finally go home. Yes, KL has been definitely my home, already. I am so grateful for that I can feel like that in a country I am not from. This beautiful city is always welcoming me just as when I came here for the first time. Now, I feel like it is time for me to do something that I can do for this city and country. I will, so please stay tuned… thank you.

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